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A set of Zyu portable utensils including

  • Zyu Fork
  • Zyu Spoon
  • A pair of Zyu chopsticks
  • Zyu box
  • Zyu Elastic band

Zyutensils; Zyu's utensils. Yes you read that right.

Bring it with you to work, to meetings, to celebrations, to restaurants - wherever and whenever. Give yourself a consistent and personalised dining experience anywhere with our Zyutensils. Made to be portable and aesthetically pleasing, our first merchandise is all about functionality and practicality.

Zyu was just a dream, but you have made it reality. This journey has not been easy but seeing skin conditions improve and lives transformed make every challenge worth it. We appreciate all the love you have given us.


$12 for a set.

A set of Zyu portable utensils including 

  • 1 x Zyu Fork 
  • 1 x Zyu Spoon 
  • 1 x A pair of Zyu chopsticks 
  • 1 x Zyu box 
  • 1 x Zyu Elastic band

Directions: Use it whenever, wherever: 
For work, travel, picnic, meetings, beach days, or anytime you need to eat on the go.