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We are relentless in our pursuit of formulating skincare that is life changing because it actually works. Through continuously researching and finding cutting edge technologies from across the globe, the skincare we provide will form an integral part of your effective skincare routine. Zyu is exceptional skincare you can trust will bring results because we use only the most powerful ingredients and real extracts. Be rest assured that glowy, nourished skin is on its way.

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Uneven Skin Texture

A soothing toner packed with the finest sake grade peptide to replenish complexion and maintain hydration. A boost of witch hazel and salicylic acid effectively unclogs and minimises the appearance of pores, brightening dull skin.


Dry and Dull Skin

The Antioxidant Night mask has an intensive moisturising and brightening effect for radiant, nourished skin by morning. With real extracts and Vitamin A & E, it recharges the skin energy while you are sleeping while stimulating the cell regenerating process and collagen at the same time. It is also suitable for skin that is susceptible to irritation or breakouts when dehydrated. Use every night for brighter and radiant, glowing skin.



A therapeutic cream designed to heal acne and acne scars effectively while eradicating and preventing blemishes. It expedites the healing of existing blemishes by repairing upper layers of skin, lightening hyperpigmentation and boosting the natural healing process. It prevents against future outbreaks, lifts acne scars and repairs damaged skin, and has anti-ageing benefits by tightening skin and boosting collagen levels.


Made with all the love

Our skincare products work hand-in-hand to form the perfect step-by-step skincare routine that will effectively combat all your skincare concerns.