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Glow-It-Yourself Kit FAQs

Why are there 2 cleansers?

We focus on double cleansing. The first step removes dirt and impurities from the surface of the skin, and the second step cleanses the pores directly. We have chosen a milk based cleanser for the first step instead of the usual oil based cleanser to prevent oil from forming a barrier that hinders the treatment’s penetration.

Should I choose 3% or 8 % serum?

You should choose 3% if you’re new to acids or if you have dry and sensitive skin. You can use 8% if you have acne prone/congested skin or pigmentation/ageing skin.


Can the items in the kit be used separately?


You can use our botanical cleanser in the morning and both cleansers at night. You can also use our remedy gel as a moisturiser.

*If your skin can tolerate AHA perfectly, you can even apply the Alpha 1 serum on  your problem areas before our antioxidant night mask 2 times a week - on days you’re not doing the treatment.


How do you incorporate night mask into your skincare routine now that you’ve received your new GIY kit?

The GIY kit is a weekly treatment that helps to regenerate your skin cells and gives your skin a strong boost of glow. As acids are naturally drying, our remedy gel is essential to restoring your skin’s moitsure loss. On days you're not doing the treatment, do remember to still use the antioxidant night mask before you go to bed to further hydrate and keep your skin clear.


I’m new to acids. Should I still try this kit?

Yes! We would recommend new users to purchase the 3% AHA serum. 

I’m on accutane/retinol. Can I still use this kit?

Yes, but do pick the 3% AHA serum.

I have sensitive skin. Should I use this kit?

If your skin is prone to reacting adversely to skincare products, we suggest that you avoid this kit. If you still would like to try this kit, we recommend picking the 3% AHA serum. You can so an allergy patch test by applying a small amount of the product to a small area of your face —such as the underside of your jaw, or the side of your neck. There should be no other products on the skin so that you can properly test this product.

*If you are not sure if you can tolerate acids, you can apply the remedy gel before the alpha serum and catalyst cream mask to prevent your skin from overreacting.

Are the acids drying?

Acids are naturally drying, which is why we have included the Remedy Gel as the last step to replenish the moisture in your skin.


My face tingles/stings when I use the Alpha Serum. Is this normal?

If you have open wounds, there will be a slight stinging sensation. 

How long should I leave the Catalyst Cream Mask on?

We recommend using it for 20 mins.

Will you be selling the products in the kit individually?

While we currently do not have plans to sell the products individually, do keep a lookout on our socials for any future announcements! If you like a specific product from the kit, do let us know by reaching out to us.