Our Story – Zyu

Our Story




Pronounced as “z-you”, Zyu is derived from the Chinese word (zhu), which translates to pearl. Rare and unique, pearls are known for their subtle yet luminous glow, making them the perfect gifts for loved ones. Beyond embodying the pearl-luster glow, we also hope to create radiant skincare solutions that come with a luxurious touch.

Our Skincare Philosophy

Real, effective skincare with a natural glow. The team at Zyu love a challenge, which is why we are relentless in our pursuit of our goal of formulating skincare that is life changing. We are committed to delivering skincare that will form an integral part of your effective skincare routine. Through our various communication channels, we aim to stay connected and present with our community, as we believe skincare is more than just the products we create.


Our Promise

“ Your boost of self confidence”

With real extracts and effective ingredients, customers our users are rest assured that glowy, nourished skin is on its way. We strive to create the products you always wish existed, and through this hope that you will feel more confident in your skin. As with what we’ve always promised since the debut of Zyu’s first product, Antioxidant Nightmask, all you have to do is rest and relax, and we’ll do the work with our power-packed skincare so that you may wake up feeling and looking beautiful.

Every Product We Create Starts With You

Zyu is dedicated to continuously researching and finding cutting edge technologies from across the globe to bring more products into the hands of our community.

We are committed to providing natural and premium ingredients without passing on the costs to you.

Meet Our Founder

Tay Zoen (BMed & MD)

"From a very young age, I have been fully immersed in all things skincare. I grew up with parents who have been in the beauty industry for more than 30 years and they have passed on so much knowledge and expertise to me. Zyu reflects both the technology from the finest chemists of today and the experience that my family have gleaned over the years. 

It's been more than 3 years after Zyu first launched, and honestly, I couldn't be prouder of the lives we have changed. Nothing makes the team happier than to see genuine stories from our users come through via text or DM, telling us of the difference they have felt since making Zyu a part of their lives. Every review you see is genuine and a testament of our craft and relentless pursuit of constantly improving our range. 

From first starting out with our Antioxidant Night Mask to expanding our current range, each product has been meticulously researched & tested by our team, which are ultimately loved by our users.

Months and even sometimes years are spent formulating each product and that is why we only launch a handful of products each year. 

It has been a privilege leading this movement in the search of clean beauty and I sincerely thank you for your faith in Zyu. Together with the rest of the team, we will keep pushing the envelope in developing Zyu's range to meet all your skincare needs. Let's keep glowing!"