Our Story




Pronounced as “z-you”, Zyu is derived from the Chinese word 珠 (zhu), which translates to pearl. Rare and unique, pearls are known for their subtle yet luminous glow, making them the perfect gifts for loved ones. Embodying the pearl-luster glow quality in pearls, we hope to bring you healthy and radiant skin.

What We Believe In

Real, effective skincare with a natural glow. The team at Zyu love a challenge, which is why we are relentless in our pursuit of our goal of formulating skincare that is life changing. We are committed to delivering skincare that will form an integral part of your effective skincare routine.


Our Promise

“ Your boost of self confidence”

With real extracts and effective ingredients, customers are rest assured that glowy, nourished skin is on its way. We strive to create the products you always wish existed, and through this hope that you will feel more confident in your skin.

Every Product We Create Starts With You

Zyu is dedicated to continuously researching and finding cutting edge technologies from across the globe to bring more products into the hands of our community.

We are committed to providing natural and premium ingredients without passing on the costs to you.

Meet Our Founder

Tay Zoen

"From a very young age, I have been fully immersed in all things skincare. I grew up with parents in the beauty industry who passed on so much knowledge to me, and I've always felt this burning desire to share all that I have learnt. Zyu has been years in the making and after working with the best chemists around the world, we finally launched in 2019.

We have since received countless authentic and sincere reviews and this pushes us on to constantly keep raising the bar at Zyu. Thank you for your faith in us, for empowering us, and together, let’s get glowing! #TheZyuGlow."