FAQ – Zyu


Where is Zyu sold?

Currently, Zyu is only sold on our website www.zyu.com.sg


Do we need to refrigerate the products?

No you don’t have to, but if you would like to, please continue to do so until the product is finished.


Are Zyu products safe for sensitive skin? 

At Zyu, we are committed to producing real and effective skincare for all skin types, including sensitive skin. In addition, all our products are free of Parabens and Artificial Fragrance and safe for sensitive skin. 

Are Zyu products safe for pregnant or nursing mothers?

Yes, all Zyu products are safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. 


Does the Antioxidant Night Mask need to be refrigerated?

No, you are not required to refrigerate the Night Mask. 


Where can I get samples?

We apologise that we are not able to provide samples at this present moment. 


When does my Zyu product expire?

You can find the expiry date on our packaging. We recommend all our products to be stored in a cool, dark place. 


Do you plan on releasing more products?

While we do have a couple of products in the work, we are unable to announce them at this present moment. Every product is special to us and we make sure to put a lot of love and effort into each and every one of them. So the whole process takes a bit of time! Please follow us on our socials and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about our new launches.


How do I use Zyu products? 

While there’s no fixed way our products are made to be used, we have come up with a couple of recommendations that may be of help to you! You can refer to the instructions on our Instagram page


Does the Antioxidant Night Mask help with acne? 

Yes, our night mask contains rosemary extract which is an antiseptic which helps with the prevention and healing of acne. Our Night Mask also has strong antioxidant extracts to help with the repair and regeneration of your skin to clear acne scars.