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Texture Aid FAQs

Who can use Texture Aid?

People of all skin types! If you have acne-prone skin or blemishes, normal skin with comedones, perfect skin for maintenance, or skin with eczema, this product may serve as a spot treatment or a moisturiser. With its anti-bacterial effect, it's a perfect moisturiser that helps to maintain hydration and prevent future breakouts.


Who should avoid Texture Aid?

If you are below 12 years old, and/or have flaky and peeling skin, we advise that you hold off application of Texture Aid.


How do I use Texture Aid?

You may use Texture Aid as a spot treatment, or moisturiser, as you prefer.


Can I replace my moisturiser with Texture Aid?

Most definitely! Texture Aid is formulated to be anti-bacterial, which helps to protect the skin and prevent potential breakouts.


Is Texture Aid safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes, as with all of Zyu products, Texture Aid is safe for pregnancy. 


Do you carry Texture Aid in bigger bottles?

At the moment, we do not - this is because we want to maintain the product's integrity and efficacy by packing it in small amount. In addition, due to its effectiveness, you only need to apply a light layer of product each time you use!


Can I use a serum with Texture Aid?

You may apply serums after Texture Aid has been fully absorbed into your skin.


Can I use AHA/BHAs/Retinol with Texture Aid?

Yes, you may. We recommend retinol to come after Texture Aid in your skincare routine, after being fully absorbed into your skin.


How can I incorporate Texture Aid with other Zyu products?

In the day:

Start with our Botanical Gel Cleanser to gently cleanse your face.

Next, tone your face with the Revitalising Tonic (https://zyu.com.sg/products/revitalising-tonic) to replenish its pH level.

Then, use Texture Aid on affected areas, and wait for the product to be fully absorbed.

Then, apply the Complexion Perfector to protect your skin from sun exposure.


At night:

Start with our Balancing Milk Cleanser as the first step of double cleansing - this step removes make-up and any impurities accumulated throughout the day.

In the second step of double cleansing, use the Botanical Gel Cleanser to deeply cleanse and eliminate any further impurities. 

Be sure to tone your face with our Revitalising Tonic.

Then, use Texture Aid on affected areas, and wait for the product to be fully absorbed.

Before you head to bed, finish up with our favourite Antioxidant Night Mask.